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Ethiopia by image – Ethiopia with its fabulous 3000 years of history, diverse ethnic groups with their own languages, cultures and traditions as well as with its magnificent scenery embracing contrasting land features ranging from the tops of rugged Simien mountains to the depth of the Danakil depression, which is more than 100 meters below sea level and one of the lowest dry land point on earth. Throughout the high-pick and the lowest points are the home to all kind of fauna and flora species.

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Ethiopia has 11 universally important heritages which are registered as world heritage sites by UNESCO:

The rock- hewn churches of Lalibela

According to many travelers and travel writers, the rock- hewn churches of Lalibela are one of the eighth wonders of the world.

The castle of Gondar

Gondar, the 17th century capital of Ethiopia, is located about 748 km northwestern of Addis Ababa.

The city also well known for its castles and churches.

The walled city of Harar

The city of Harar, one of the oldest cities in the country, was founded in the 17th century A.D. Harar was a major trading crossroad and center of Islamic learning. Fortified against invaders, its provocative gate wall (Jegol) was built between the 13th and 16th century.

The stele of Axum

Axum/ Aksum are the cradles of Ethiopian ancient civilization. It’s an exotic tourist destination that offers a unique combination of beguiling history, natural beauty, perfect weather, screen environment and matchless hospitality. Axum is faith, holiness and tranquility all wrapped in one.

Presently, Axum houses seven giant stale, some of them fallen. One of the obelisks was taken to Rome where it was installed for many years. And it has been returned to Ethiopia and re-erected on its original place in Axum.

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