Ethiopia Budget Group Tour

Ethiopia Budget Group Tour

Ethiopia Budget Group Tour – Package Tour to Ethiopia Omo Valley Danakil

Group package tour to Ethiopia to travel to Omo valley and the historic route, to have a visit to Ethiopia tourist attractions with cheap package price.

Ethiopia Budget Group Tour – visitors to Ethiopia will travel through history and discover the depth, beauty and ancient cultures of an ancient kingdom by following the historic route. Also Travelers enjoy the beautiful variety of Cultural tribes and social events in the omo valley part of Ethiopia by following the Cultural route. Let us show you the way …

If you enroll your family, friends and colleagues to our group tour; we are ready to give full support and briefing by our active travel consultants in recruiting your travel mates. We have also more benefits for you if you bring more travelers you will get BIG DISCOUNTS and even you will travel free of charge as a tour leader.

Ethiopia Budget Group Tour

Why Joining Ethiopia Budget Group  Tour ?

  • Our company specialized in organizing a budget oriented group tour for the last two years and completed with success.
  • Our group tours make substantial saving on your travel expenses.
  • Our group tours designed with the basic objective to meet the solo/ individual traveler’s interest to join and share the group costs.e to meet the solo/ individual traveler’s interest to join and share the group costs.
  • The day to day programs on our group tour includes a visit to almost all tourist attractions found on the way.

Choose your best-scheduled Ethiopia group tour to join and visit either/both the Omo valley tribes of southern Ethiopia and/or historical tour to Northern Ethiopia .

Terms and conditions for Ethiopia Budget Group Tour :

  • Each month as per the schedule we have one group tou
  • You can request, book and join the group tour fitted your vacation time.
  • Each group tour will be active if the minimum number of participant will be fulfilled.
  • Last time booking to join the group tour will be 3 days ahead of the tour departure dates.
  • For each group tour booking confirmation we may request a minimum of $ 100 booking guarantee fee.
  • Once you book a group tour with us we will frequently update you about the status and how many participants will have your group.
  • On each group tour we will use the service of our local guides on the spot. As of the government regulation hiring local guides is a must to make each tour community based.
  • For any information related with the group tour you can send your request to our email address  kingdawittours(at)gmail(dot)com . We will get back to you in detail for your request within 24 hours.
  • You can take in to consideration that each tour the historic or cultural can be combined one another as of you may not have another time in the future. Our cultural group tour departure schedule designed to fit with the ending schedule of the historic group tour; it will start on the next day of the end of the historic tour.
  • Our cultural group tour is oriented with the availability of omo valley local market days.


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